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Just too loud

Why does it seem there is more people that enjoys being loud. It doesn’t matter if they are the only one in the room talking either. I used to date this young man and sadly it seem that is all he wanted to do was to be loud. I often wondered if he didn’t receive enough attention from his parents as a child. But I never could figure that relationship out. I would come home with a headache and enjoy my time away from him. He was an excellent person with super sweet was but constantly He would be obnoxiously loud. It didn’t matter whether he he was telling a joke or just talking about his day. You can bet on it, He was going to have volume to the situation. I gave him all kinds of attention and he had my undivided attention when He would be talking, He still told the story loud, as if not a sole was listening. We stayed together about 3 years, then we went our separate ways. Bless his heart or is it just Me.

Victoria Hearts


Hi, I am in the process of adding some things I find interesting and hopefully You will also. I enjoy anything electronic, informtional, and I have a special love for automotive. Whether it be better performance, repairs, rotaine maintence, generally upgrades.. Hopefully You will be able to get some kind of knowledge. Please let me know if You have any questions.