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Vodka Does Not Mix … (With Nothing)

Vodka doesn’t mix


This is good reading:


A fresh, compassionate approach to addiction recovery by an author who is successfully recovering himself. Recovery is a learning process that Justin Daniels understands and now uses to motivate other addicts to find their own path to recovery. He speaks from his heart and offers guidance and solutions leading to empowerment. Justin is living proof that anyone who wants to can achieve a fulfilling sober life. This version includes an epilogue of life post-Clarity Way.“No More Vodka in My Orange Juice is more than just another ‘drunkalogue’ autobiography — it is an inspirational story about one man’s consequences, which ultimately led to a growing compassion, commitment, and clarity of what addiction treatment can look like when you add purpose and passion to a program.”— Sherry Gaba, Celebrity Rehab Psychotherapist and Life Coach

No More Vodka in My Orange Juice




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