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Got Ants ?


Got Ants ~ We do ….

Geez, We were cleaning out the garage yesterday.  Which it did sound like a great idea.  Boy, let me tell you … it was a mistake.  Because, We did not realize we placed some of the boxes out in the driveway too close to an ant pile!  And we thought We were doing such a good thang.  We had a few boxes we placed back in the garage and a couple  others I brought into the house.  So, I could pull out a couple things I could lists on Offer Up for sale.  It was dark when we finished up last night.  I brought them inside and put them inside the spare bedroom.  
The next morning I got up to take a shower and there was one on the vanity in the bathroom, I didn’t think anything about it.  I squashed it and went on with my business.  Then within a few minutes I hear my Son holler out and there was about 10 of them in his room.  (his bed, dresser drawer, floor, etc)  So, then it clicked to us to go check these boxes we brought in.  
We had no idea we brought a whole lotta BIG Red ants inside for a night.  Unfortunately, by this time those sucker had already made themselves at home and got out of those two boxes.  When I opened up the box I saw the ones in which decided to stay in there.  Needless to say We have a mess on our hands and we still are not sure we have them all.   I took the boxes back outside and emptied them out and reboxed what we were keeping and blah blah.
We are still finding them all over the house and in the garage area from all the other boxes we brought out and then keep a few of them and which they did the same exact thing.  Yes, I had to box them as well.  Now we have the ones that we brought inside traveling through our house and now the ones coming in from the garage.  
They are sneaky little creatures…if they wouldn’t had got shuffled around, they would had been all bundled together at the bottom until disturb, then they are fast and scatter every which way.  If you grab the place where they are chilling, well be prepared for a really good bite.  It’s not your regular ant bite.  These sucks make a good size welp and water substance slowly seeps. We have all received a good bite or two each so far.  BEWARE!
This is what we purchase and was quite impressed:

  ORTHO Fire Ant Killer

  • Provides 6 months of protection
  • Kills mounds in 15 minutes
  • Keeps new mounds from forming
  • Treats up to 5, 000 sq. Ft.
  • Kill the Mound. Protect the Ground.

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If You interested in reading about these insects:




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