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“Screen&Gutter Guy”

My Son started his own business in Florida a few years back. He leaves the house bright and early, so if he has to make a quick stop by the supply house, making sure He has all the required materials for all the the jobs scheduled for the day. And He is already working as the beautiful sun comes up in Florida.

Everyday he is at a new house to put his professional touch on a job well done every time. It doesn’t matter what kind of work needs to be done ~ He is ready.  Whether if its a gutter repair or if it’s a new pool screen they’re needing. After measuring, cutting, hanging, or stretching and taking it down with twine.

He is somewhat a perfectionist, so the customers are always happy when He’s completed. There is some folks around the area that sadly experience damage from “Hurricane Irma”, especially in the City of Naples ~ all the way up to Orlando of Florida. The high winds caused severe damage on their pool screens or tearing gutters off their homes.

What a terrible thing to have to experience.  My Son & His Family had to quickly loaded up some personal items & sadly left their home in Florida, heading to Her Sisters House in Georgia until they knew it was safe to return home. They was very lucky, their house wasn’t bad, just had a little outside work to repair.  But it was really messed up in several places close to home in Florida.  

Heck, He is still receiving calls for homes needing repairs done.  Which has overpopulated his work schedule, and with even more new business for Him.

It’s crazy how 90% of His wok is by word of mouth only.  He has no need to advertise his company.  These neighbors see what nice work He has done, so next thing he knows they are calling Him to come fix or add new work to their homes as well.  And before He knows it, within a month He notices He has done a whole block. And nothing puts a bigger smile on His face to see His work all over.

He has an excellent reputation around the City and is achieving an excellent name for Himself.  So, if You happen to be in the Fort Myers, Florida keep Your eyes open for His silver king cab truck with the sticker that reads  “screen&gutterguy” on the side and the back. He is simply amazing!


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